Subject Semesters General Papers Honours Papers
Education B.A. I i.    Psychological Bases of Education i.    Pedagogy
  B.A. II ii.    Sociological Foundations of Education ii.    Educational Management
B.A. III  iii.    Development of Education in India iii.    Structure and Issues of Contemporary Education in India
B.A. IV iv.    Philosophical Foundations of Education iv.    Educational Measurement and Evaluation
B.A. V v.Education in Modern India i. Statistics in Education
ii. Educational Thoughts and Practices
B.A. VI vi.    Educational Technology i.Guidance and Counselling
ii. Curriculum Development and Construction
B.A. I i.    History of India upto the Mauryas i.History of North East India (1822-1972)
  B.A. II ii. History of India (Post Maurya to 1526)              
ii. East Asia (1840-1949)
B.A.III iii.    History of India 1526- 1857 iii.    History of India ( 1550- 1750)
B.A.IV iv.    Indian Nationalism iv.    History of the United States of America
B.A. V 
v.    History of Europe i. History of Christianity in Nagaland
ii.Social and Economic History of Modern India (18th – 20th century)
vi.    Modern World i.Introduction to Archaeology
ii. Political History of the Nagas



B.A. I i.    Political Theory: Ideas and Concepts I i.    Indian Political Thinkers
  B.A. II ii.    Political Theory: Ideas and Concepts II ii.    Western Political Thought
B.A.III iii.    Indian Govt and Politics- I iii.    International Organisation
B.A.IV iv.    Indian Govt and Politics- II iv.    International Politics
B.A. V v.    Comparative Govt. And Politics i.Issues in World Politics
ii.Local Self. Govt in India
B.A.VI vi.    Public Administration i.Indian Administration
ii.International Law
Economics B.A. I i.    Micro Economics i.    Quantitative Technique -I
   B.A. II ii.    Micro Economics II ii.    Quantitative Technique- II (Statistics)
B.A.III iii.    Macro Economics I iii.    Public Finance and Banking
B.A.IV iv.    Macro Economics II iv.    International Economics
B.A. V v.Indian Economy- I i.Economics of Growth and Development
ii.Agricultural Economics
B.A. VI vi.Indian Economy- II  i.Environment of Economics
ii.Financial Institutions and Markets
 Sociology  B.A. I  i.Introduction to sociology  i.Social Research Methods- I
  B.A. II ii.Social Stratification and Social Mobility ii.Social Research Methods- II
B.A.III iii.Foundations of Sociological Thought iii.Population and Society
B.A.IV iv.Modern Sociological Theories iv.Social Conflict and Movements
B.A. V v.Marriage, Family and Kinship i.Rural Sociology
ii.Industrial Sociology
B.A. VI vi.Indian Society i.Urban Sociology
ii.Sociology of Tribal Society
 English  B.A. I  i.Poetry, Basic English Usage & Language Skills  i.Poetry, Grammar & Language Skills
ii.History of English Literature
   B.A. II  ii.Drama, Prose & Language Skills  i.Poetry & Applied Language Skills
ii.History of English Language & Literary Terms
 B.A.III  Alternative English (non-English Honours)
i.Poetry, Short Story & Composition
i.Drama & Language Skills
ii.Writing in English from Nagaland
 B.A.IV  Alternative English (for non-English Honours)
i.Prose, Poetry, Play & Language Skills
 i.Fiction & Applied Language Skills
ii.Drama & Composition
B.A. V   i.Literary Criticism
ii.Fiction & Language Skills
iii.Literary Criticism
B.A. VI    i.American Literary (Poetry, Prose & Language Skills)
ii.Literary Theory
iii.American Literature (Fiction & Drama)

 The duration of Degree course with or without Honours shall be of six (6) semesters of six (6) months each. There will be one external examination of 70 marks in each subject conducted by the Nagaland University at the end of each semester and an internal examination of 30 marks. A student must pass in both internal and external examination separately by securing 45% marks.

Higher Secondary Class (11 &12)

Arts  Commerce Science


  • English




  • English
  • Business Studies
  • Accountancy
  • Economics


  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Physics

Elective (any four)

  • Education
  • History
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Economics
  • Alternative English


Elective (any two)
  • Fundamental of Business mathematics
  • Alternative English
  • Informatics Practices



Elective (any two)
  • Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Alternative English


Internally Assessed

  • Environmental Education
  • Work Experienced
  • Physical Education


Internally Assessed
  •  Environmental Education
  •  Work Experienced
  •  Physical Education
Internally Assessed
  • Environmental Education
  • Work Experienced
  • Physical Education

Additional Subjects: A subject given in elective
The College also offer certificate courses in various field of study from time to time in one year academic calendar.

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