(B) Best practices:

      1. Title of the Practice:

               Mentoring Programme.

      2. Objective:

                The objective of Mentoring is-

  • To achieve the vision of the institution viz., to develop all round personality of the students on progressive lines.
  • To provide a continuous learning process for both the mentor and the mentee.
  • To establish the mentor as a role model and to support the mentee for personal and academic development.
  • To establish a vibrant relationship between the teachers and the students that will ensure responsible behaviour and discipline.    


         3. The context:

                 The nature of students’ background i.e. catering to different socio-cultural and economic diversity necessitates mentoring being opted as one of the best practices by the institution. The absence of institutionalised system of having proper system of mentoring, guidance and counselling in the region along with the obvious fact that   most of the students are from remote areas and first generation learners makes it imperative on the part of the institution to provide mentoring i.e. guidance for all-round development of the students on academic as well as aesthetic lines.  Moreover, it is aimed to align with the institutional mission and vision statement aiming to develop students on progressive lines .i.e. to imbibe in the students a rational positive outlook towards life thereby making them responsible citizens.


         4. The Practice:

  • Mentoring session is conducted every Friday from 9:00 AM to 9:50 AM on a regular basis. The session is compulsory for every B.A. (Arts) students to attend without fail.
  • Mentors are assigned 15-20 students for the whole duration of a semester each .i.e. six months.
  • The mentoring parameters are based on four aspects i.e. academic, attendance, career and general.
  • The mentors are provided with details of mentee’s performances in terms of academic (weekly test, class test, mid-term and end-semester exam) and attendance records. The mentor also keeps track of the mentee’s personal development such as co-curricular activities, discipline and career related issues. 
  • The mode of communication between the mentor and mentee can be established through different mode(s) namely- In-person, Phone and E-mail.
  • The practice of the mentoring system is evaluated by the Principal, Dean, Vice-Principals (Academic and Administration) bi-monthly so as to ensure quality and efficiency in practice.
  • The grievances of the mentees are taken up by the mentor and if necessary it is forwarded to the Principal for necessary remedial actions.
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